The solution to the 'Cocktail Party Problem' is here

Find out how AudioTelligence addresses the ‘Cocktail Party Problem’ with low latency
algorithms that deliver not only intelligible speech, but also natural sounding voices with no artefacts.

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What will you learn?

The ‘Cocktail Party Problem’ - no longer an unsolved issue:

The limitations of existing hearing solutions such as digital noise reduction, beamforming or AI

How to increase the intelligibility of speech without introducing distortions 

How our aiso™ for Hearing solution shows a significant improvement in SNR, even in extremely busy and noisy environments

Noisy restaurant

“Hearing aids cause me problems in keeping up with conversations in gatherings due to the surrounding sound.  It’s sometimes easier to remove them. Aiso™ for Hearing is remarkable as it turns what is often a struggle into a pleasant, easily manageable experience where I can focus on one speaker and switch between participants at will.”



Nick, User Trial Participant